Project SubMerge is an initiative of the Dutch drinking water supply companies Vitens, Evides and Brabant Water. We are developing an autonomous in-pipe inspection robot.

SubMerge is the road to condition based asset management. The robot can be used for multiple tasks.

24/7 autonomous inspection

The robot crawls flexible trough water pipes. It can make photographs, measure wall thickness, determine leakages and calculate XYZ coordinates. The robot moves autonomous from base station to base station. Reaching a base station the robot gets recharged, exchanges its data and proceeds with a new mission.


Knowing its starting point, the robot can measure its XYZ position. It uses odometry and gyroscopy to determine the exact location. SubMerge can help you to localize water pipes in your network.

Leak detection

Globally 45 million m³/day drinking water leaks away. European directive 2000/60/EG forces water supply companies to monitor leakages. The robot can be used to localize leakages from 25 liter/minute by using its hydrophone.

Data model validation

Current replacement programs are mainly based on historical data. Yearly 1.2% of pipes need to be repleaced. The robot inspection data can help your to refine your replaced data models. SubMerge makes it possible to make better decisions on replacement and potential life time extensions.

Supporting high risk infrastructure projects

It is almost impossible to inspect high risk crossings non-destructively. Checking pipes underlying reads or buildings is risky and expensive. The robot allows inspection of your crossings without water supply interruption.

Commissioning inspection

The robot can be used for commissioning big infrastructure projects. It can also be used for monitoring drinking water pipes before, during and after constructing big buildings neareby your infrastructure.

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